Lucent Orinoco with hostap 02-05-19

From: Martin Whitlock (
Date: 2002-06-12 13:53:27 UTC

I suddenly noticed that my linux clients with orinoco gold cards got kernel panic when connented to a hostap v2002-05-19. Since I knew that I've used orinoco cards as clients before I started backtrace to find the time when the problem occured, and I had to succesively downgrade to hostap v2002-04-21 to get rid of it.

I have tried all kinds of platforms, and it seems like windows based are working fine, but linux systems that run either wvlan_cs or orinoco_cs get kernel panic. (I've tried both kernel 2.4.13 and 2.4.18 in both StrongARM and 386 environment.) It seems strange that hostap can cause a kernel panic on the client side; it must be a bug in wvlan_cs and orinoco_cs trigged by later versions of hostap, or?

Has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas? Shout if any logs or additional info is needed.


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