Multiple APS in range cause poor performance

From: Lei chuanhua (
Date: 2002-06-11 01:57:22 UTC

Hi, all,

      Recently, I encoutered a serious problem. When I set up 2 or more APs in the same room(very big). Under heavy traffic, I got very poor performance. My setting is the following,
     1.   wireless client1==============>AP1==================>wireless client2 or wired pc
      2. wireless client3==============>AP2==================>wireless client4 or wired pc
     Where, AP1 and AP2 have different channels(5,8) and ssid. But when I run the two APS under heavy traffic, I get very poor performance from clients. However, when I stop one AP.  The other AP will get good performance. 
      I can't understand why AP1 and AP2 have effect on each other, because I have set the different channel and ssid. I also tested other vendor's aps. It seems that they don't have effect on each other. This case is caused by host-ap mode? I have tried to change ap density, but no use.
    Is there anyboay having seen this case? Any help will be appreciated!

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