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From: Keith Smith (
Date: 2002-06-08 23:46:02 UTC

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So are you saying that running 'iwconfig wlan0 txpower 20' should always put you at max power?

Is there anyay to maybe make it a % value (which would make more sense MAYBE) so txpower 100% means all the way up, etc. This would seem to be a function of 'wireless tools' also. . .

Of course power output is (base 10) logrithmic so 50% power is 17db, 10% power would be 10dB. 1% power would be 1dB, unless your percentages were of dB in which case it gets real ugly.

I take it there is a register that goes from 0-n and you are filling it with 'n'? I guess I should look at the code. Or from the sound of your note, iwconfig is making some determination based on feedback from the driver on the range of the register?

This is a hot topic because theses cards don't seem to push enough to get anywhere. I'm running an openAP box, and I broke down and put an inline 500mW amplifier on it. Problem solved for excessive $$$.

Thanks for all your work on this BTW...

Jouni Malinen wrote:
| On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 02:43:34PM -0500, Jim Thompson wrote:
|>On one hand, this is merely cosmetic. 200mW interfaces are reported
|>as 100mW interfaces:
| Do you know how the driver could recognize the maximum TX power?
|>my concern is that there is no way to turn the power down on a 200mW
|>card, and then to turn it back up.
| I don't know how 200 mW cards differ from others as far as driver
| interfaces are concerned. However, I would tend to believe that the TX
| power can be returned to the previous value after turning it down
| since the driver just has a simple mapping between the full range of
| BBP register and selected range of values from iwconfig. The values
| won't be accurate (well, they aren't even for 100 mW cards), but
| smaller value should always mean smaller TX power and largest TX power
| value from iwconfig should map to largest value for BBP's TX power
| configuration.

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