HostAP with Conceptronic CON11iDT

From: Pablo Alcubilla (
Date: 2002-06-06 20:11:23 UTC


I'm trying to use a conceptronic card with hostap. It detect's it correctly, and it seems ok, the problem is that it only sends something on driver load (Tested with an orinoco and netstumbler). After the driver load it sends some packets (less than a second) and then stops completely from sending.

It is updated with the new firmware, but the old firmware did the same, i can downgrade if necessary.

On reception everything seems normal, it doesnt receive anything because noone is sendthing to this card, but if i start monitor mode, i can see everything its sent in a nearby network (2 computers in ad-hoc mode).

Ive tried the card in windows-xp. It works in client mode without problems connected to an rg-1000 access point.

I can post any log you may need.

Thanks in advance.


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