Having problem with with PLANEX GeoWave NS11S card.

From: Hsin-Mu Tsai (michael_at_pingu.ath.cx)
Date: 2002-06-06 10:56:04 UTC


I'm using debian to setup an access point using hostap driver. The wireless LAN I'm using is PLANEX GeoWave NS11S, which is a prism2 PC card. But the driver seems not recognize the card, and the modules can't be loaded in.

Can anyone help me on this?
Since this model is only popular in Japan and Taiwan, maybe I should dump some debug infomation of the driver, or kernel, for understanding what's going on. But I don't know how. (I'm not really familiar with Linux, or debian) Maybe someone can tell me how to do this.

I've tried setting up the AP for weeks, so I would be very appreciated if the problem can be solved.
Thanks in advanced.

Hsin-Mu Tsai
Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering National Taiwan University
E-Mail: michael_at_pingu.ath.cx

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