Re: essid of firmware-based hostap (ver. 5/19)

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-06-04 17:22:42 UTC

On Fri, May 31, 2002 at 08:58:58AM +0800, Paul Tang wrote:

> It works by using f/w based hostap (ver. 5/19).
> The connection seems ok, but I cannot set essid by iwconfig.
> (iwconfig wlan0 key/channel is ok, while everytime I type 'iwconfig wlan0
> essid XXXX' will cause:
> SIOCSIWESSID: Invalid argument )

SIOCSIWESSID handler is not prepared for f/w based AP.. It tries to setup CNFDESIREDSSID which is not available with tertiary f/w. prism2_setup_rids() knows how to do this and following change (add fw_ap check) in prism2_ioctl_siwessid() might fix SIOCSIWESSID. I haven't tested this and there are probably some other places that would require similar changes for f/w based AP.

if ((!local->fw_ap &&

      prism2_set_string(dev, HFA384X_RID_CNFDESIREDSSID, local->essid)) ||
     prism2_set_string(dev, HFA384X_RID_CNFOWNSSID, local->essid) ||
                return -EINVAL;

> (my steps:
> modprobe -v hostap_pci
> ...... setup bridge.......
> prism2_srec -vr wlan0 3842XXX.hex)

Even with current version, you should be able to set essid with module parameter (i.e., 'modprobe hostap_pci essid=XXXX') and then there would not be need for SIOCSIWESSID..

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