Re: Using hostap_cs with prism 2.5 based card

From: blade (
Date: 2002-06-03 15:22:10 UTC

> blade wrote:
> >
> > I am trying to use the latest release of hostap with a Mikrotik prism 2.5 based 200mW
> > card and RH 7.2, and it will bridge and route ICMP (pings) but very intermittently
> > it perform TCP functions (http). It is not a signal issue, each end is reporting ~ -
> > 25dBm. I am trying to interoperate with Lucent cards. Association is instant and all
> > clients show up in iwspy with good signal. Its intermittency hints at maybe a buffer
> > issue or something in the hostap driver (but im no hardware programmer). Has anyone
> > experienced this issue? Is there a way to debug on a lower level than protocol? (i am
> > using tcpdump to monitor traffic on bridge and clients). Note: we have used the same
> > machine with a DLINK pci prism card and it was fully functional in AP mode. Hope this
> > question hasnt already come up! (then again...)
> >
> I have been unable to use any of the several Prism2 cards I have
> available to me in conjunction with Lucent cards, GIVEN that the HostAP
> card is acting as a client and the Lucent card is in the access point.
> In a reversed situation, with a Prism2 card running HostAP in master
> mode, things appear to work just fine, although I have not tried
> associating the Lucent cards at any real distance.
> Just a data point; I'm sure there is something wrong with the Prism2
> cards when they are used as I have described above.
> This is my third mention of this on this list. Neither of the previous
> posts elicited so much as a single comment.
> FYI.
> B.

Our shop has had trouble using the prism based cards with a lucent access point, allegedly due to encryption incompatibilities. However, the prism access point/lucent client scenario is much more promising... We are phasing out the lucent APs as quickly as possible after a number of our units were reconfigured by a SNMP explit regardless of ACLs in place, and the only response from orinoco was 'reflash your firmware', depsite our using the newest version already. Ultimate solution was to employ SNMP blocking very aggressively on our routers and to arbitrarily change the IP of the AP itself on a regular basis. Not really the way you want to have to operate when dozens of corporate contracts ride on these APs. With that, great thanks to all those who work on the HostAP project! I look forward to contributing in any way possible.

Jeff Meden
Systems Operations
QuickNet, Inc.

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