Re: Questions about Mikrotik PCMCIA card

From: blade (
Date: 2002-06-01 01:48:31 UTC

I noticed an issue with it only passing pings of <= exactly 19028 bytes total size, but it refused to pass just about any TCP data unless you applied persistence (clicking refresh when accessing a web server across the bridge yielded a returned page after about 30 seconds of continuous hits). The good news is, i was able to fix it, the bad news is i dont know how. I decided to cleanly reinstall RH 7.2 and start with todays snap from the CVS tree for hostap. In getting the box set up i noticed the pcmcia config was trying to load a wvlan driver for the card, a bug perhaps, it was the intersil 2.5 mfrid that it found a match on and proceeded to load wvlan_cs. After stopping that and installing the hostap driver, it started working beautifully. If anyone wants more info on my setups feel free to ask.

> I have heard that some versions of hostap would only 'pass' odd or even
> length packets. I had first hand experience with Prism2-2002-5-16.tar.gz not
> allowing certain packets through.Turns out that the USB build was the only
> one worked correctly. I patched and then upgraded to 2002-5-19, been fine
> since. What version of hostap are you running?
> Scot
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> Subject: Questions about Mikrotik PCMCIA card
> > Has anyone had success with hostap and the Mikrotik implementation of the
> prism 2.5? I am
> > attempting to use the pcmcia card and it is recognized as lucent hardware
> based on the
> > manfid (not sure if thats important) and the driver is installed OK but it
> will only pass
> > icmp traffic reliably, TCP handling is intermittent and the pattern is
> chaotic. Is there
> > a way to debug on a lower level to see whats happening? I am just using
> tcpdump to
> > monitor packet flow.
> >
> > Jeff Meden
> > Systems Operations
> > QuickNet, Inc.
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