802.1x support?

From: Lei chuanhua (ch_lei_at_powermatic.com.sg)
Date: 2002-05-30 07:43:19 UTC

Hi, all,

     I just checked cisco web site, and found its aironet supports 802.1x and EAP with dynamic or static WEP key. I have the following questions. 
     802.1X authentication mode:

    wireless client <====> AP <=======> Authentication Server(Radius)     Where, AP support EAP and WEP. When AS authenticated wireless client successfully. Wireless client will get one session key ( called unicast WEP key)from AS, also AS will send the same session key to the AP. But AP has still broadcast WEP key. cisco document said. AP will encrypt broadcast WEP key using session key, and wireless client will decrypt broadcast WEP key using session key. Now wireless client also has broadcast WEP key.
    1.How to distinguish unicast WEP key and broadcast WEP key?  Broadcast WEP keys just encrypt /decrypt broadcast/multicast package and unicast WEP keys just encrypt/decrypt unicast packet?
    2. Does prism2/2.5/3.0 station firmware 802.1X? If not, we can implement it using software completely?
    3. HostAP can support 802.1x or will support 802.1X?
    Any help or suggestion will be apprieciated!

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