Read-only CVS access / stable branch

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-05-27 18:53:02 UTC

Thanks about all feedback--both on and off the list--about the stable branch. Most comments did not seem to indicate much need for a stable branch, so I do not hurry with it yet. However, I would assume that there a people that are not on the list and are not following driver development that closely, so there is probably use also for stable releases. I'll get back to this at some point.

Access to the CVS module for Host AP driver was mentioned an improvement for the development version releases. I have now added such access (both through web interface using ViewCVS and as an anonymous read-only access using pserver). These are not directly to the CVS repository I'm using, but a copy of it. I try to keep it updated so this should be the best method for those who would like to get the latest development versions and are not afraid of getting code that might not compile or might not work at all.

I will probably continue releasing development versions, but somewhat less frequently than before since the latest code is available from CVS. New web pages with more information about different methods to access CVS repository and with updated mailing list archives are at

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