PCMCIA Client Driver invocation

From: R Selvaraj (selvarajr_at_www.com)
Date: 2002-05-27 06:50:18 UTC

I've a doubt regarding how the Driver Service(DS) identifies a particular NIC. 1. Supose I have two Client Drivers , say wavelan_cs and prism2_cs. Let the wavelan_cs is to drive for Orinoco card and prism2_cs is to drive Intersil cards. So on inserting Orinoco card the wavelan_cs sould be called and while inserting Intersil Card the prism_cs alone should be called. But, I don't know what info do the wavelan_cs and prism2_cs should pass to DS to map the inserted card with corresponding _cs.

Also, if more than one _cs is installed for the same card, say selva_cs and prism2_cs both for Intersil, then among the two which will be called on inserting Intersill NIC. Because both are ment for the same card.

2. Right now I have the following problem, I developed on Host AP for Prism2 based Intersil NIC on LINUX Kernel 2.2.12-20. I have seperate xx.c file for each functionality and compiled them to form a single Client driver object file selva.o . Then I copied it to the /lib/modules/2xxx/pcmcia. After that I did 'depmod -e -a' and '/etc/rc.d/init.d/pcmcia restart'. I have configured interface with 'selva' as the kernel module for that interface. Thigs are fine so far. But, if I insert the NIC into the PCMCIA then my attach function is not getting called !?? Insted some other Client Driver(wvlan_cs)is getting called.

Could u pls let me know where I went wrong.


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