HostAP as managed client associating with Lucent APs

From: Brian Capouch (
Date: 2002-05-23 20:53:39 UTC

I am fishing again on this list.

I am running HostAP in several places in AP mode, and when I do so, I have no problems associating with those APs with either Prism2 cards running HostAP nor older Prism cards (Lucent Silver) running a variety of drivers, such as wvlan_cs and orinoco_cs.

What I have not been able to successfully pull off though, is to get a good association the other way: a HostAP-based managed client talking to a Lucent POP.

The synopsis is that I get an association, and very strong signal as reported by iwconfig. But there is horrid packet loss (~50%) and thus the throughput has run in the 20-30kb (i.e. modem speeds) where sitting at the same spot, same antenna, same AP, etc., a Lucent silver shows a far lesser S/N but has no problems whatsoever getting 4-5Mb/s

So. If anyone out there is successfully doing this I would sure be obliged to hear about it.



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