Re: Host AP or use another driver ?

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-05-22 15:04:56 UTC

On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 11:11:32AM +0200, wrote:

> I just bought a couple NetGear MA301/MA401 combos (PLX w/ Prism)

> I have had different success rates. All drivers can detect my card, but
> iwconfig gives me errors on all.

I don't know other drivers very thoroughly, but if you give some more details about the error messages with Host AP driver, I could take a look at the problem.

> Host AP seems promising, as it actually dumps some packets with no ToDS
> in /var/log/messages, and the source MAC address is right. So this driver will
> do something right.

What kind of network are you going to use? In which mode the cards are? For example, if you just start two cards with Host AP driver's default settings, they both will end up being access points and do not exchange packets (unless you configure WDS separately). If you setup one card as the access point and the rest in managed mode (either by loading the module with iw_mode parameter ('insmod hostap_plx.o iw_mode=2') or by using iwconfig after having installed the module ('iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed'), you should get a working network and "no ToDS" messages.

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