Re: Host AP driver - stable branch

From: David Levitan (
Date: 2002-05-19 17:00:29 UTC

So far, the driver has been working really well. I can't really say I'm using it for production - I've only used a max of 3 notebooks simultaneously on it, but so far it has been working pretty well. In terms of creating seperate branches, that would probably be a good idea. Ideally, you would set up a CVS server, and work off of that to release new releases, while letting those people who want access to the latest, greatest, and sometimes broken features download the latest code whenever they want. That would allow more cautious people to have access to stable releases, while people like me would grab the latest code once in a while to test it out.

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> It is starting to look like large portion of Host AP driver users are
> not using the driver only for development/experimenting purposes
> anymore. In addition, the driver has quite complete feature set for
> many environments. Thus, there might be benefits from a version that
> would be more stable, but would not have all latest features. In other
> words, there might be use for stable branch.
> If stable branch is seen useful, I could start one from the next
> development release version (which will hopefully come out soon due to
> the bugs in the 2002-05-16 release). The development branch releases
> would continue like before and stable branch would get only bug fixes
> and minor changes (like added manfids for new cards, etc.). This would
> hopefully make things easier for everyone. Development releases would
> not require less testing from me since breaking something would not be
> such a problem in development branch and those requiring more stable
> driver could get the latest version from the stable branch.
> Do you find this useful? Do you have any comments or ideas to improve
> this kind of development/stable branch concept for Host AP driver?

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