Re: PCMCIA problems

From: gARetH baBB (
Date: 2002-05-18 20:00:48 UTC

On Sat, 18 May 2002, Jouni Malinen wrote:

> No need for that. The kernel version was the key factor in this
> case. I broke dev_name setting for pcmcia-cs on Linux 2.2 systems when
> fixing dev->name usage. Following patch fixes this:

Yep, that fixes that.

I now have the problem that DHCP no longer works. dhcpd running on the hostap machine gets the requests, but the responses it sends out don't reach the client.

20:50:30.202694 >  xid:0xdf55134c [|bootp]
20:50:30.212694 smell.wlan.bootps > xid:0xdf55134c Y:lomp.wlan S:smell.wlan [|bootp]
20:50:30.322694 >  xid:0xdf55134c [|bootp]
20:50:30.322694 >  xid:0xdf55134c [|bootp]
20:50:35.322694 >  xid:0xdf55134c [|bootp]
20:50:35.322694 >  xid:0xdf55134c [|bootp]
20:50:43.322694 >  xid:0xdf55134c [|bootp]
etc. as the client tries to continue to get an address - it hasn't seen the response.

The client is not running hostap.

What have I done wrong, or what more information do you require ?

Again, nothing has changed from the working prism2 setup.

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