BUG: Module dependencies

From: John D. Rowell (lists_at_exerciseyourbrain.com)
Date: 2002-05-10 19:25:28 UTC

I'm in bug-reporting mode today ;) One thing that has been bugging me for the past 2 or 3 releases of HostAP is that hostap_cs doesn't pass cleanly by depmod. The dump below is agains 2.4.19-pre8, but the same happens with 2.4.18. Even though the symbols are not found, the module loads just fine. I guess they belong to modules that are already loaded. Since I have little understanding of how depmod works, all I know is that it fails ;) This is HostAP 2002-05-02 against pcmcia-cs 3.1.33.


depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in

depmod:         register_netdevice
depmod:         __netdev_watchdog_up
depmod:         eth_type_trans
depmod:         __kfree_skb
depmod:         alloc_skb
depmod:         __generic_copy_from_user
depmod:         ether_setup
depmod:         kmalloc
depmod:         unregister_netdevice
depmod:         netlink_kernel_create
depmod:         create_proc_entry
depmod:         rtnl_sem
depmod:         register_pccard_driver
depmod:         unregister_pccard_driver
depmod:         boot_cpu_data
depmod:         cpu_raise_softirq
depmod:         unregister_netdev
depmod:         __out_of_line_bug
depmod:         get_random_bytes
depmod:         dev_get
depmod:         netlink_set_err
depmod:         proc_mkdir
depmod:         netlink_broadcast
depmod:         del_timer
depmod:         register_netdev
depmod:         mod_timer
depmod:         dev_queue_xmit
depmod:         kfree
depmod:         ___pskb_trim
depmod:         remove_proc_entry
depmod:         netif_rx
depmod:         __verify_write
depmod:         schedule_task
depmod:         skb_over_panic
depmod:         proc_net
depmod:         skb_clone
depmod:         sprintf
depmod:         jiffies
depmod:         softnet_data
depmod:         printk
depmod:         add_timer
depmod:         irq_stat
depmod:         __const_udelay
depmod:         do_softirq
depmod:         CardServices
depmod:         __generic_copy_to_user

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