Re: I/O macros for alpha platform

From: kaman (
Date: 2002-05-08 12:49:21 UTC

Thanks.. setting ignore_cis_vcc=1 got me a little farther... :-)

Now, I insert the card and the console flashes this

hostap_cs: (c) SSH Communications Security Corp

wlan0: NIC: id=0x8008 v1.0.1
wlan0: PRI:  id=0x15 v0.3.0
wlan0: STA: id=0x1f v0.8.2

Kernel panic: outsw: memory not short aligned In interrupt handler - not syncing

any ideas about this one? could I be compiling it incorrectly

Thanks in advance,


> On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 11:54:48AM -0400, kaman wrote:
> > Alpha Kernel 2.4.16 running on a Alpha Multia, pcmcia-3.1.27 and
> > Prism-2002-4-24 (compiled with -mno-fp-regs -ffixed-8)
> I don't have Alpha platform at home for testing, but I remember
> someone reported that the driver worked also with Alpha.
> > dmesg from Alpha Multia box after DWL-650 card insertion.
> > hostap_cs: setting Vcc=33 (constant)
> > hostap_cs: setting Vcc=50 (from config)
> > Checking CFTABLE_ENTRY 0x01 (default 0x01)
> > hostap_cs: GetNextTuple: No more items
> It looks like the driver did not find any suitable CIS configuration
> entry from the card. Have you tested setting module parameter
> ignore_cis_vcc to 1 (see the end of hostap_cs.conf for example)? If I
> remember correctly, some environments needed this with DWL-650.
> --
> Jouni Malinen PGP id EFC895FA

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