Re: Prism2 Host AP - new release 2002-05-02 - assoc problems???

From: Hasjim Williams (
Date: 2002-05-06 04:02:39 UTC

I just recently upgrade to the newest release of Prism2 HostAP (2002-05-02), and I can't get my AP to show up on Windows XP Client. The older versions used to work fine. However, if I boot up in Linux, the station associates correctly...

The access point also doesn't show up in NetStumbler.

The access point seems to be receiving the association request from Windows XP fine, but Windows XP always says Wireless Connection Unavailable.

May 6 13:54:33 technium kernel: wlan0: authentication: 00:02:a5:2d:46:8e len=6,
 auth_alg=0, auth_transaction=1, status_code=0, fc=0x00b0 May 6 13:54:33 technium kernel: wlan0: association request: from 00:02:a5:2d:46
:8e to 00:50:8b:46:8f:d7 len=20
May 6 13:54:33 technium kernel: capability=0x0001, listen_interval=1 - old AI
D 1

I am using a Compaq WL200 on my Linux box, and WL110 on my Windows XP machine.

Any help would be appreciated. Has it got something to do with probes not being responded to???


Hasjim Williams

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