Patch to add prism2 ap options to pcmcia wireless script

From: Brad Colbert (
Date: 2002-05-03 16:45:24 UTC

This diff is something I cobbled together to automate my AP setup. I'm using pcmcia-cs 3.1.33. An example of the settings for my Samsung card are below.

Note: It assumes that the prism2_param script is installed in the same directory as your wireless utilities (iwconfig, etc.).

Feel free to modify as you see fit.

# Samsung MagicLan (+ some other PrismII cards)
# Note : Samsung binary library driver, version 1.20 or later

    INFO="Samsung MagicLan example (Samsung default settings)"     TYPE="prism2"
    ALLOWED_MACS="01:23:45:67:89:AB CD:EF:01:23:45:67"     ;;

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