Re: hostap_plx to Belkin hardware AP communication does not work?

From: Xam R. Time (
Date: 2002-05-02 12:21:49 UTC

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Tanvir Hassan wrote:

> BTW, I also turned on the "standard" WDS code in the driver in the vain hope
> that my hardware had new enough firmware to support it. Made no difference.

Regardless... The method for passing the 4th MAC (802.11 source address) at the end of the data payload in a WDS frame is going to be a kicker. I'd seriously doubt a major-vendor AP ever supporting this. Although Atmel could, miracuously, turn arround. But again, highly doubtfull.

> HARDWIRED back to the same switch! So I guess what they mean by "extending
> your network" is that you can hardwire all your APs to your network to
> extend the wireless range. In my HOME this is not feasible (avoiding

Incidently, however, forcing this method of 'roaming' makes the task of being a AP significantly easier. Also, with 2 or 4 megabit Flash modules available on the hardware running their RTOS, do you think they'd fit 802.1d, and STP in a device that's going to get used (most likely) by a person who'll never know what a DSCHAN is, or why they might want to try a MAC access list? Really, it comes down to increased cost that few other users would not understand gets them better/more usefull features.

> So I guess I cannot extend my network by having my stations and APs
> cooperate and bridge me to an AP that is hardwired into my network. And as
> a corrollary, because the Belkin APs only work if they are all hardwired to
> a network, this means consumers are incented to purchase VASTLY fewer APs
> because of the hardwired limitation. I am thinking that Belkin may not be
> in the home AP business too long :-).

They're not really in the business. All they do is engineer (and probably again, subcontract) and make a plastic case, print documentaiton, and "brand" the insipid driver/windoze utilities. They're probably not doing jack to any of the innards or electronics.  

> Now the DLink AP in the store had explicitly mentioned AP to AP bridging, so
> maybe that will work. I will try that next and let people know the results.
> The Musenki sounds nice...but paying $200 more for an AP seems excessive.
> If you can get me one of those for $109, then PLEASE send me the link! ;-)

Again, not everyone bridges the same way. They are probably NOT talking about a situation in which they'll understand or work with hacked-WDS frames for inter-AP comunication, either. But, if you want to buy more AP's, I'd love to play with a used Dlink if it doesn't work out for you ;)

--Tony Kapela

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