Re: Exceptionally good speed with hostap

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-04-30 03:07:44 UTC

Happy Camper writes:
> I had been using an Addtran external access point and was used to getting
> 380KB/s. Now with hostap and a D-Link 520 PCI I get about 500KB/s. I am
> wondering what the deal is. Why is hostap solution so much faster?
> Does anybody know?
> Atif.

Several (possible) reasons:

  1. the PCI interface is faster, even though the chip still does 16bit xfers.
  2. having the 'tertiary' f/w out of the way may actually result in a faster (probably lower-latency, but could be less jitter) path between the two machines. You have a whole bunch more CPU to throw at the problem than the Addtron does.
  3. Your Addtran probably has a 10Mbps Ethernet, while your PC likely enjoys a 10/100 connection. Depending on how much you spent on the switch between the two units, you could find that the 10Mbps unit is holding the whole switch at 10Mbps. If its a HUB, this nearly *has* to be true.

   (The AWS-100 has a 10Mbps interface, which is probably what you have.)

I get around 550KB/s measured with ftp 'gets' to /dev/null on the Musenki units. I'd probably get more with 'ttcp'. Maybe I'll try it later.


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