dwl500+dwl650 in SMP setting

From: Cosmin Roman (cosmin_at_math.ohio-state.edu)
Date: 2002-04-27 11:38:20 UTC


I don't know if anybody tried this ... and this is not directly a driver question (I apologize!)

I'm trying to get the dwl500+dwl650 combo working on a W6-LI Micronics mobo, with 2 Pentium Pro processors (I'm not sure if details are important, but if anybody has some hints, I can provide the rest of the info). The problem is, the dwl500 does not receive an interrupt; the driver (which, by the way, compiled without any problems), when I try to start the pcmcia service (I'm using external pcmcia package, pcmcia-cs), announces me that there is no interrupt for the host (something like [no pci irq] - I'm using only PCI interrupts), and suggests that the MP table is buggy (and checking on the net, it seems that this is the main problem - SMP boards don't really recognize bridges, such as this dwl500 card). No irq for the dwl500 ... no interrupt for the dwl650, so I'm stuck. And here's the question: is there any way I can assign an interrupt manually to my card? While doing my "homework" on this problem I noticed that the other 3 PCI cards I have get the interrupts from IO-APIC (for example, 19, 18, 16, with a jump over 17!, exactly when the dwl500 is in the 3rd slot; this repeats when I change the slot where I put it). I tried to assign this missing interrupt to the card by using the pci_irq_list parameter (for example pci_irq_list=18) for the i82xxx module; the card apparently starts, the dwl650 gets assigned the same interrupt, but when I test the resulting access point ... nothing! and there is no activity with the interrupt I'm using (it shows up in /proc/interrupts, but there's 0 for how many hits it had ... and it also looks different from the other interrupts).

Any hints are greatly appreciated! and again, I apologize for my question being a bit off-topic.


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