Rid len mismatch:

From: Jarkko Raja (jarkko.raja_at_veo.fi)
Date: 2002-04-26 14:12:41 UTC

  1. When I am running wlan-link load test (looped 10Mb file copy via NFS between PCs) the dmesg shows message text: "Rid len mismatch: rid=0xfd43, len=2 (excepted 6)" and "Already reserved txfid found at idx3"

This is the first time I see this. The hostap_cs.o is version 2002-04-21.
Is this goog or bad ?

System= 2*(WL200/P90/RH7.2+pcmcia 3.1.31) & AD-HOC & PRISM2_USE_CMD_COMPL_INTERRUPT


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