WEP & Ad-Hoc mode

From: Jarkko Raja (jarkko.raja_at_veo.fi)
Date: 2002-04-24 08:18:33 UTC

  1. In the 2002-04-10 version of the prism2 driver in true ad-hoc mode the WEP is not working. In the 2002-04-21 version the WEP is working, but the communication is very slow (without 104bit-WEP= 400kb/s, with 104bit-WEP= 0.4kb/s). When the 104-bit WEP is enabled I get a lot of "hfa384x_setup_bap - timeout3" messages, which also causes card resets all the time. 2*(WL200/P90/RH7.2+pcmcia 3.1.31)

The PRISM2_USE_CMD_COMPL_INTERRUPT is used in both cases.

2) Is there any means to get the [RetryErr] messages out from dmesg ?

Jarkko Raja Email: jarkko.raja_at_veo.fi

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