Host AP driver on big endian platforms using Prism2.5 PCI

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-04-21 21:11:35 UTC

Apparently the current hostap_pci.o (i.e., only the Prism2.5 PCI part) does not work on big endian (well, at least on some PowerPC) platforms. Thanks to Jim Thompson providing me a shell account on a suitable test system, I could verify couple of endianness issues.

Included patch fixed the problems at least on this particular PPC host and it does not break the driver ie86. I haven't yet checked whether Linux readw/writew work similarily (well, at least I hope they do) on all big endian platforms. Anyway, if you are going to test hostap_pci.o with big endian platforms, you might want to apply this patch to the 2002-04-22 version.

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