Prism2 Host AP - new release 2002-04-21

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-04-21 17:39:23 UTC

A new version of Prism2 Host AP driver was just released and it is now available from

Note! Driver structure and file names have changed since last release. This requires some manual changes during upgrade - check ChangeLog for more information.

This version includes support for new hardware versions: Prism2.5 cards using native PCI cards and PC Cards in PLX9052-based PCI adapters. Since this version has not been thoroughly tested with different PCI/PLX models, I would call this an experimental release. If you happen to have any problems with it, I would really appreciate hearing about them. Please, include full description of the WLAN card model, firmware versions, and host computer to possible reports.

PLX version of the driver includes a list of known manufacturer IDs for Prism2/2.5 cards. This list is not complete, so please let me know if you have a Prism2/2.5-based WLAN card that works with the driver, but is not yet listed in PLX version (or hostap_cs.conf). Please, include information about card manufacturer and model in addition to manufacturer IDs.

Thanks to Adam Megacz and Janåke Rönnblom, I now have PLX and PCI cards to test the driver. This has been very helpful in getting the PLX/PCI changes merged into the driver. I haven't yet tested with more than one PCI card in one host, but thanks to Alessandro (, I should soon be able to do this.

I would especially like to thank Reyk Floeter and Andy Warner for driver patches to add Prism2.5 PCI support and James ( for PLX support. I have modified the driver structure quite a bit, but these patches as well as both linux-wlan-ng and orinoco_cs drivers have been very helpful in adding support for the new hardware versions. In addition, I thank also those who tested a pre-release version of the driver and provided useful feedback for getting PCI/PLX support into working condition.


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