Re: WEP+: In hardware, firmware, or software?

From: Xam R. Time (
Date: 2002-04-20 12:35:06 UTC

> I'll be glad to stand corrected if I muddied up any of this, but since
> APs *do* have to be managed, my former lack of interest in WEP has now
> been transmogrified.

Wait; I thought you said earlier that the client stations themselves needed to be managed via SNMP? Or, do you mean to say that you wish to manage the Lucent AP via. SNMP _from_ a wireless station?

In either case, I'd yell at Lucent about how they don't support, say, secure management interfaces on their gear instead of accept their possition that WEP+ fixes 'the problem' (namely IV reususe and scheduling). It seems like another layer-2 band-aid for higher layer protocols that suck by nature.


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