Re: Management functions. MobileIP. Radius.

From: Jordi Murgo (
Date: 2002-04-15 14:06:17 UTC

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 15:32, Nil Alexandrov wrote:

> I use a hostap daemon for management functions. I have tried to insert
> delay in auth and assoc functions. A STA can normal does authentication
> and association with a delay less than 100.000 microseconds (90.000
> microseconds is OK) and never with 100.000 microseconds or more. I need
> some time to make authentication using an access server. As I understood,
> a STA request auth and assoc in a loop, so that, I can do my
> authentication' subroutine on the first iteration, than cache it and this
> STA would get a reply on the second auth request.

You can reply with OK autentication at user request, and send deautentication when Radius response arribes with "No Authorization", some milisecons later.  

> I can develop a hostad as a client of the Radius server. Does anybody
> interesting in it ? Radius could tell 'framed ip address' in a reply.
> This p2p address ( would be added on the hostap' interface
> for normal IP routing. All routers supports dynamic routing (OSPF for
> example).

Great, we are working on a simple IAPRP (Inter Access Point Roaming/Routing Protocol). Not a general pourpose routing protocol, only to be used to anounce L3/L2 relations, needed to update L3 (IP) routes in the backbone when you receive a L2 reassociation request.

Our idea is to have CIPE/IPSEC/* tunnels between adjacent AP's, announcing (a la RIP) the associated stations (MAC+IP), and new associations when DHCP (server or relay) assigns IP address.

Backbone updates will be done ussing OSPF (zebra).

Like you, I'm waiting Jouni finish driver changes.

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