Announcing release of Airtraf 0.5.0

From: Peter K. Lee (
Date: 2002-04-15 11:57:37 UTC

Just letting folks know on this list about the new release...

AirTraf is a 100% passive wireless 802.11b network analyzer. It is capable of performing promiscuous channel scanning to detect access points in the area, as well as pick off 'other' connected wireless nodes, acquiring signal strength information for each node. It performs packet count/byte analysis on different layers (datalink, network, transport), as well as breaking down the 802.11b protocol. It is also capable of parsing higer level protocols such as IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, and get packet statistics as well as bandwidth information. Furthermore, it supports Cisco Aironet cards & PrismII-chipset cards.

This release addes full TCP Performance Analysis capabilities to AirTraf, enabling tracking of TCP connections made to/from detected wireless nodes, based on destination IP, service port pairs, able to track connection status, retransmission rates, observed latency, as well as achieved bandwidth for each connection broken down via incoming/outgoing/overall statistics. All you ever need in thoroughly analyzing your local wireless networks.

Visit for screenshots

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