Reorganization of driver source code

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-04-13 17:45:58 UTC

Just to let you know, that I'm reorganizing Host AP driver's source code. So, if you are doing any changes, the patch files based on the current release will most probably not apply cleanly to the next versions. I have no problem with merging changes manually from patches to older versions (in most cases I would do this manually anyway).

I have moved ioctl and wireless extensions released code into prism2_ioctl.c and procfs releaed functions (apart from code in prism2_ap.c) into prism2_proc.c. PC Card related initialization (pcmcia-cs stuff) is now in prism2_pccard.c and there will be similarily initialization routines for PCI/PLX in separate files. At some point, there might also be more changes that would be needed for USB devices, but I'd like to first get PCI cards working since they will probably require less changes.

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