Re: wireless-tools are unavailable when interface is down

From: Brian Capouch (
Date: 2002-04-13 17:34:17 UTC

> I would assume so as well, and I can confirm this. In my 'walk arround'
> tests, I often do use the lucent site survey tool in win32 (simply
> becuase it rocks so), and generally I see infinitley low noise floors
> reported from all the AP's, but somehow the survey tool DOES seem to get
> the signal quality number back from the AP; is this information
> distributed in the AP's beacons somehow? I can't understand how the
> survey tool would otherwise recieve this data back from the AP.

I am really going to show my ignorance here: *what* site survey tool are you talking about?

I keep hearing that the AP manager has such functionality, and I must admit I haven't dredged for it, but a couple of my associates have, and they're not quite sure just what this tool might be.

I hope someone can enlighten me, and apologize if I'm the only one who isn't familiar with it. . .



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