Re: HostAP and LinkSys wap11 compatibility

From: hristo (
Date: 2002-04-11 20:20:57 UTC

> There's probably interest, but getting Intersil to fix WDS
> related problems in Host AP mode might prove to be quite
> difficult. Workaround for the issue does not seem much
> easier. So far, I have been able to send a
> standard-compliant frame in adhoc mode. That might be
> enough to build WDS links, but it would mean goodbye to AP
> functionality.. I would guess that receiving
> standard-compliant WDS frames could work in Host AP mode,
> but that would not help much before getting also TX side
> working.

Good...I Think it will be beter for PtP links AP functionality to be droped. One can put secod wlan card and make it work like AP, that was discused before. Main point is that such configuration (PtP) is used where infrastructure is bad ...instead of leased Line. I will Ask if is possible HostAp to support WDS (AddHock) without AP functionality? Will it be beter in such cases? What about it Jouni?
Hristo Nazarow

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