Re: HostAP driver on iPAQ

From: Jerritt Collord (
Date: 2002-04-11 17:32:12 UTC

Just as a note the HostAP driver works unmodified on the Tuxscreen (Shannon) ARM platform with a 2.4.16 kernel, so there shouldn't be large architectural issues. Perhaps there were some toolchain differences... the Tuxscreen buildroot I believe used the LART toolchain and IIRC the Familiar/etc. people may use another.

Sorry I don't have any more concrete help to offer.


Somebody said "Sasikanth Avancha" <> said:

> Hi,
> I am trying to build and install the Prism2 HostAP driver onto an iPAQ
> 3600. I'm using the cross-compile tools and 2.4.16 kernel downloaded
> from and the latest Prism2 driver (04-07) for the build.
> The driver builds and installs alright (in fact when I plug the
> Linksys WPC11 into the pcmcia sleeve, it automatically loads
> prism2.o), but when I run"iwconfig wlan0" on the iPAQ it causes a
> "Segmentation Fault". Now, I can't remove the driver without crashing
> the kernel. "ifconfig wlan0 down" hangs. Removing the card also
> crashes the kernel.
> Anyone have ideas on the correct procedure to build this driver for
> the iPAQ, please let me know. I was thinking, maybe the CFLAGS in the
> Makefile need to be changed, but not sure to what.
> thanks
> Sasi

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