Re: HostAP and LinkSys wap11 compatibility

From: Vladimir Ivaschenko (
Date: 2002-04-11 14:40:16 UTC

Please note that Host AP driver has only "pseudo" WDS. It is not compliant with APs other than itself because of firmware bug in Prism.

Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 09:54:22AM -0500 Xam R. Time wrote about Re: HostAP and LinkSys wap11 compatibility

> I've allready tried a WAP11 <-> OpenAP (running an older driver for
> hostAP and WDS hacks), and interesting results:
> With same DS channel and SSID set, of course, and the WAP11 set to AP
> mode, I see the familar "Recieved packet from AP 00:45:32:00:00:00" on
> the console of the OpenAP, and of course the MAC is that of the
> WAP11. A wlan0apX link is attached to it, and I see the port in brctl
> showstp as "blocking" for ever.. This leads me to believe that either
> a) the wap11 really doesn't support WDS, and that for sure b) the WAP11
> doesn't have STP running internaly.
> When I had three WAP11's at the same time to test, making network loops
> with AP clients to AP's proved that in fact, there is no loop avoidence
> other than a disassociation trick the WAP11 AP would play.
> For kicks I put the WAP11 in AP client mode, and no dice. Setting it to
> "point to point" and "point to multipoint" bridging-only mode yeilded
> nothing as well.
> Please, if you observe differently, I'd be very interested in hearing
> your results.
> As an asside, the WAP11 in AP client mode DOES in fact get something
> working; the WAP11 will show in /proc/net/prism2/wlan0 as an associated
> MAC, and in fact, I can ping the AP of the wap11 itself. But, I cannot
> get frames to spew past the WAP11 -- so it seems bridging a network into
> a mesh/hostAP with the WAP11 isn't possible, at least with current
> firmware.
> Anyay, it did associate at least and it's IP stack was reachable. So,
> it's halfway there ;)
> --Tony Kapela
> On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Hristo Nazarow wrote:
> > Hi List (Jouni),
> > I will test HostAP with wap11 AP (this weekend). WAP11 is the most popular
> > AP on the market (this is my opinion). I will try to make PtP/PtmP between
> > WAP 11 and HostAP (WDS links I think). If there is interest from list and
> > Jouni we can make HostAP compatible with such devices. What about it?
> > RGS
> > Hristo
> >
> >

Best Regards
Vladimir Ivaschenko

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