11 Mbit/s AD-HOC does it excist

From: evert (fugaz_at_xs4all.nl)
Date: 2002-04-09 16:45:51 UTC

Hi all,

We trying to get a WLAN network on air in a city called leiden. We are all using the Prism2 compliant WL200 cards from compaq on linux machines with Jouni's driver. On all machines is the wireless tools package installed from jean tourilhes (?).

In a first instance we want to do this in ad-hoc modus ( no management links needed! ). It seems that only the 2 Mbit/s ad-hoc is supported. This is simply not adequate since all data needs to be sent twice ( max route ). I have ran a link in 11Mbit/s ad-hoc under ( malicious) windows. Why does it not work under linux with the prism2 driver.

Perhaps i'm doing something wrong here....


Evert Verduin
www.xs4all.nl/~verdu009 ( personal page ) www.wirelessleiden.nl ( wireless community homepage )

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