Management functions. MobileIP. Radius.

From: Nil Alexandrov (
Date: 2002-04-09 12:31:40 UTC

Hello, All !

I'am interesting in MobileIP. I need only IP protocol, not full IcEEE802.11/802.3 support, because we are ISP and we have to make IP traffic accouting. I'am going to implement the following: add P2P IP address (/30) on the wireless interface after association completed and delete this address after disassociation/reassociation, than normal kernel IP routing/filtering/accouting.

User space daemon can communicate with Radius server for authentication/authorization/accouting.

IEEE 802.11    <---> Radius
Authentication <---> Authentication
Association    <---> Authorization + Accouting start
Deassociation  <---> Accouting stop

How much time does it take as to make authentication/authorization ? How often does STA need to authentication/authorization ? What about timeouts ?
I can implement cache for better performance.

Best regards, Nil.
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