Re: WDS application notes

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-04-08 18:34:18 UTC

On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 01:01:19PM -0700, Jerritt Collord wrote:

> Changing the ESSID of wlan0 in box0 resulted in box1 spewing "(not our
> SSID)" messages to console... probably some devel-time debugging left
> in? Changing other_ap_policy to 2 stopped this.

Whoops.. The message was intentional, but it was supposed to use KERN_DEBUG level; now it came with a "bit" higher priority. Anyway, this is not really needed and I will remove it altogether.

> We were unable to get autom_ap_wds functionality to display signs of
> working... deleteing manually the connection to that MAC and then
> enabling the discovery didn't seem to do much.

That's a feature.. autom_ap_wds adds the entries only when the AP is noticed for the first time so it would need to be enabled before changing other_ap_policy. I considered adding a flag to AP info for recording whether WDS link for it has been added and if not, the link could be added when next beacon from the AP is received after enabling autom_ap_wds. For some reason I did not add this, but it might appear in some future release.

> The long interface names are a problem for some utilities we noticed...
> mostly that in displaying the device name some things assume a smaller
> width and truncate it... perhaps s/wlan0/w0/ ?

I would call those utility programs faulty. Interface names can be up to 16 characters (or to be on the safe side, 15 so that there is room for nul termination). If you don't like the interface name, you can of course rename them ('ip link dev wlan0wds0 name w0wds0'). If there's enough demand, I might even consider making this configurable, but I have already used to all wlan0 related interfaces starting with wlan0 so the default could well remain a bit longer.

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