Teletronics cards freeze under heavy data receive

From: Vladimir Ivaschenko (
Date: 2002-04-06 15:28:41 UTC

Hi All,

I'm having problem with Host AP driver when used in CLIENT mode and Teletronics cards. Teletronics cards are standard Prism 2 cards with external antenna connector; I heard that they are similar to Zcomax XI-300.

The issue I have is that the driver locks up under heavy data receive. After I continiously receive 5-10 MB of data at full speed the card locks up and nothing is received anymore. There are no error messages. However, if I try to change some setting via iwconfig, for example ESSID, the driver starts to complain about timeouts and resets the card.

I experience the same problem with wvlan_cs driver. However, wlan-ng (prism2_cs) driver works fine, and never locks up.

I have tested the driver on two different machines (notebook and a desktop) and lock ups occured on both of them.

Best Regards
Vladimir Ivaschenko

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