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Date: 2002-04-05 12:29:28 UTC

Maybe it depends on the card.... Isent there a prism2 based chip out there designed for access point usage?
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> Does the driver support wep at this time? If so, can WEP be used in
> mode?

The driver can setup WEP on Adhoc and Managed mode, but firmware based WEP does not seem to work properly in Host AP mode. Current driver version denies WEP changes in Host AP to avoid giving an impression of fully working WEP. It looks like station firmware can decrypt WEP frame, but the transmitted frames are not encrypted.. I know how to possibly force encryption (adding WEP bit into 802.11 header before sending the frames), but this will end up in invalid frame.. Anyway, it looks like WEP needs to be implemented in the host driver to get it really working in Host AP mode.

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