Re: Implement management messages in userspace

From: Nil Alexandrov (
Date: 2002-04-05 10:42:29 UTC

Hello !

> > I'am going to use Host AP in my Mobile-IP project, so I need management
> > messages in userspace; a daemon will be process authentication and
> > associations functions. Will you implement NETLINK socket to provide
> > management messages ?
> It might not use netlink socket, but yes, I'm going to move management
> functionality into a user space daemon. My current plan is to send at
> least raw authentication and association messages into user space
> without processing them in the kernel driver. The user space daemon
> would then parse the messages and send a raw 802.11 frame as a reply
> (via the kernel driver) and inform the driver about new/removed
> stations.
> The user space AP daemon could then be extended to do whatever extra
> processing needed during authentication or associations and it could
> also relay the messages for other daemons, etc.

What kind of socket are you going to use to communicate between the kernel driver and a user space daemon ? Does the user space daemon have to use packet inject to send a raw 802.11 frame as a reply ?

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