Re: Dynamic WEP for each STA

From: Lei chuanhua (
Date: 2002-04-05 09:14:49 UTC

Yes, I think you can implement WEP in hostap driver. It is impossible to use differet WEP keys for each STA. But you can use four different WEP keys at most if you implement WEP in hostap driver. I have implemented access control by combining MAC address and WEP. I can use four different groups, and every group can use different WEP key.

    If you want to use different WEP key for each STA, I think you'd better implement dynamic WEP using 802.1X. Such as WinXP.

     good luck.

Hello !

Where is WEP functions implemented when in Host AP (f/w or host) ?

Is it possible to use different WEP keys for each STA ?

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