AP problems & mode question

From: Marty Richards (marty_at_netwaynetworks.com.au)
Date: 2002-04-01 08:00:23 UTC

Hi All,  

  1. Is there a FAQ for using the Prism2 driver? There are contradictory documents floating around the net, a centralised FAQ could be useful.
  2. For an AP using Prism2, which mode should be selected? Various documents suggest all three modes (individually)
  3. I have some unusual effects using a Dlink650 in the AP machine, and a second machine running Netstumbler. In AdHoc mode, the AP is visible in netstumbler - but it changes its MAC every 5 seconds or so. In Managed mode, the AP is not visible at all. In Master mode it is visible for 3 seconds before disappearing. Moving the card out of and back into Master mode causes it to be visible for another 3 seconds. I have tried numerous combinations of driver versions and settings... Is this strange? Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks ;)


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