Unable to connect from client in infrastructure mode.

From: Dmitri Gofmekler (dmitri_at_arvid.ee)
Date: 2002-03-29 10:43:02 UTC

Hello, Prism2 Guru!

I have the following trouble, I'm able to connect Linux-based PC (planned to be a bridge) only in Ad-Hoc mode.

I have Redhat linux with the kernel 2.4.9, external pcmcia-cs-3.1.31, 2002-03-27 HostAP driver release.
Wireless tools release 23.
Compaq WL-200 cards on both sides, firmware version 0.8.0. Everything is compiled and working, but...

btw I have also one question, where to put the Prism2 card's configuration, such as mode, essid, channel, bitrate, etc...? now I have to change everything manually,
using iwconfig.

Can someone step by step tell me how to run this card in AP mode? I need to make a bridge between wired and wireless networks.

CARDMGR_OPTS= Thanks in advance,
Dmitri Gofmekler.

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