Re: prism2ethereal: Is monitor mode available?

From: Peter K. Lee (
Date: 2002-03-26 02:40:18 UTC

I'm not certain that your testing method to see if monitor mode is working is correct...

once you change one of the laptop to monitor mode, that laptop is no longer capable of transmitting packets, meaning that your ping from the other laptop will tell you that destination is unreachable.

However, that laptop should be able to 'see' the ping request sent from the other laptop to itself anyways, and properly print out that fact when it is in monitor mode '1' and running 'wlansniff'. (but I'm not really familiar with what wlansniff captures and doesn't capture... you might need to use tcpdump?) But it won't be able to reply back to the other laptop... as you seem to have observed.

So, capturing raw frames definitely works properly. I'm just not sure what you're trying to capture, and what you want to do with it...

And I have the same prism driver, with same network card, with same wireless extension, although not the same kernel (but that shouldn't really matter), so I could tell you that monitor mode works perfectly fine.


On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 17:27, Masanori Nakahara wrote:
> Hi,
> I continue to debug above issues:-)
> Does anyone succeed to use "iwpriv wlan0 monitor 1"
> to capture raw frames?
> I found that when I set monitor mode to 1 or 2, packet
> can't be received correctly.
> Precisely speaking, two laptop are set to ad-hoc mode
> and ping from one laptop to another on monitor mode 0
> without any trouble. After changing to mode 1 or 2,
> ping doesn't reach.
> Again, reset to monitor mode 0, ping reaches again.
> Could you test if you've already have environment to use
> hostap and let me know your environment if you succeed
> to capture raw frames by running wlansniff on mode 1 etc.
> My environment:
> Hardware: Linksys WPC 11
> Driver : Prism2-2002-2-13.tar.gz
> Kernel : 2.4.18
> Wireless Extension: version 12
> Wireless tools: version23 ( iwconfig/iwpriv...)
> masa

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