Prism2 AP driver bug?

From: evert.verduin (
Date: 2002-03-24 20:23:41 UTC


I have a small problem. I have a debian Patato linux machine running with prism2 driver and a Compaq WL200 card. The card runs under managed mode with an accesspoint. If a lot of packets are send over the wireless lan, i'll keep getting the following error.

hfa384x_setup_bap - timeout3
prism2_tx to BAP0 failed
Resetting card
CMD=0x0002 => res=0x7f, resp0-0x0001
shutdown failed

If this same machine is in Master mode and also heavily loaded with traffic, this problem seems to occur much less.

Can someone please tell me what this could be?


and keep up the good work.

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