Fwd: www.wavehan.de/projekte/prism2/ downtime

From: Reyk Floeter (reyk_at_synack.de)
Date: 2002-03-22 19:39:34 UTC


the server of my site https://www.wavehan.de/projekte/prism2/ (where you can get the HostAP PCI patches) will be offline some days. please stay tuned... it will be back very soon.

i'll create a mirror on https://reyk.synack.de/prism2/.


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 * reyk_at_hannover.ccc.de https://reyk.synack.de

attached mail follows:

hi all, since the company where rijndael.killall5.de is hosted moves this weekend to a new location (an etage down :/), rijndael will be down on saturday and sunday. As far as I know the downtime will begin on saturday evening. rijndael# uptime 4:19PM up 135 days, 22:36, 7 users, load averages: 0.81, 0.38, 0.19 In the next month there will be also an calculated downtime (round about 30 minutes) for an operating system update. Details will follow. I hope it's okay for all. Bye, jules -- "The cypherpunks credo is 'privacy through technology, not legislation.' The law of the land can be changed by the next administration. The Laws of mathematics are more rigid." -- Express, March 14, 1997, Cover Story

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