Advertising release of AirTraf-0.4.0

From: Peter K. Lee (
Date: 2002-03-18 09:52:46 UTC

I'd hate to be abusing the list, but I've just added support for prism2 cards via host-ap driver, and I thought some of you might be interested in trying it out. It might help in getting your access point to work out, since it can dynamically detect, and view all traffic associated with your access point. What I'm really interested is to see if I could load AirTraf on the access point itself, which I believe would be possible, but I'm *very* new to the host-ap driver, last several days at most, so if any of you are feeling adventurous, let me know how it turns out!


Peter K. Lee

AirTraf is a wireless 802.11b network protocol analyzer, capable of scanning channels, as well as performing detailed analysis of selected access points, acquiring data about all activity, (mgmt, ctrl, data), as well as packet loss, bandwidth, incoming/outgoing packet count/byte count, signal strength, for the selected access point as well as all connected wireless nodes (discover mac & IP info).

In channel scanning mode, you can view list of access points in the area (which channel, ssid, bssid), see the data types of traffic, and determine which are wep encrypted and which are not. (note, using prism2 cards does not require you to select channel before starting AirTraf. AirTraf automatically scans through channels incrementally in performing channel scanning feature. You DO need to put it into monitor mode however... same with cisco aironet, although it scans all channels at once).

I've just added support for prism2-based cards via the host-ap driver, so the currently supported card types are cisco aironet series, and prism2-chipset based cards.

I've held back the code for the polling server, which enables long-term data gathering via mySQL database, and enabling tracking of multiple access points via single point of administration since I'm looking for work, and I wanted to remain open for the worst...

But the rest is there, so try it out, and let me know how it turns out.

get it here: |

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