Re: prism2 as access point connecting to cisco 340

From: Eric Johanson (
Date: 2002-03-14 20:25:23 UTC

Test the card in iBSS/AdHoc mode.

If you are only going to have two wireless cards, you really don't need the hostAP driver. You could just hard code a ssid & channel and get packets to flow that way. The HostAP driver is great for serving the masses; they don't really need to know anything more than just the ssid.

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On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Nathan Sterrett wrote:

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> - From work I have a Cisco 340 wireless card and laptop, and after
> poking around the internet and talking with people at work. I decided
> that cheapest way to be able to surf the net while lounging in my bed
> was to buy a prism2 based pcmcia card and use hostap to make it an
> ap. People at work have used their cisco cards with linksys and smc
> access point/router things and they worked so I assumed prism2 ap, my
> card should work.
> My question is not really having a way to test if my prism2 card
> works (I bought a zcommax xi-300 says best card for
> hostap) and I setup right has anyone got a card running hostap to
> work with a cisco 340. IE did I waste money on my prism2 and it will
> never work or did I screw up on the config of my prism2 hostap card.
> :)
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