Re: ANN: Prism2.5 PCI HostAP support

From: David L. Sifry (
Date: 2002-03-14 17:59:24 UTC

Rayk and all,

I've been playing with the Prism 2.5 PCI-card patches, and I've noticed some of the same issues as you have - most network connections fail - something is getting corrupted at the IP layer for some packets. I make this hypothesis because I can usually get TCP connections to work somewhat reliably, but UDP connections (like DNS lookups) often fail with corrupted packets.

I think this same problem is happening for TCP packets as well, but because TCP has a retry mechanism, the corrupted packet is discarded and a retry is sent. I can send you some ethereal dumps showing this.

Has there been any progress on the further integration of PCI card support into the HostAP driver?



On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 11:01, Keith Heinemann wrote:
> Reyk Floeter wrote:
> >
> > hi!
> >
> > i've just started a patched HostAP- driver on a prism2.5 pci- card
> > and it was possible to associate from a station running
> > linux-wlan-ng. the driver is based on the HostAP- driver version
> > "Prism2-2002-02-13", but it's a little bit different, because i had to
> > rewrite some some stuff to get Prism2 PCMCIA *and* Prism2.5 PCI
> > support. i hope, this isn't a big problem...
> >
> > there were some problems with setting and getting the registers of the
> > prism2.5 card, but after replacing some code of the HostAP- driver it
> > seems to work (a bit).
> >
> > but there're still *some important things* to do:
> >
> > - an unload of the module prism2hostap_pci is followed by
> > kernel panic... (ooops).
> > - most of the network connections fail. this seems to be a
> > problem of the ap- stuff and it's compatibility. i try to
> > fix it. (it's very strange: ping and some http- connections
> > work, but ssh, ftp and lot of other protocols fail).
> This sounds (to me) very much like problems I've been having with a
> Linksys WMP11 (prism2.5 PCI) card using the linux-wlan-ng drivers.
> it's weird... initially every thing works pretty well. pings and telnets
> are okay, but ftp transfers will hang and never resume. It seems many
> have had this problem with the Linksys card under linux-wlan-ng. perhaps
> it works differently then the pcmcia's somehow...
> anyway, very excited to see PCI support coming :) thankyou!
> > - managed mode doen't work correctly.
> > - the reorganized PCMCIA- stuff is currently broken, this
> > should be no problem to fix (it worked some hours ago...)
> >
> > if you're **very brave**, you can try the driver by downloading it from
> >
> > (currenlty Prism2.5-HostAP-2002-02-21.tar.gz). after unpacking it, you
> > just have to edit the Makefile to fit your needs and type "make all
> > install"... i want to provide a simple patch against Jouni's driver
> > later, but first it has to be more stable.
> >
> > NEVERTHELESS: **DON'T TRY IT NOW**! this is just an announcement of
> > the coming prism2.5 pci hostap- support, not a release...
> >
> > reyk
> >
> > (ooh, i want to speak english a better way...)
> >
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