Flashing up an XI-300

From: Brian Capouch (brianc_at_palaver.net)
Date: 2002-03-09 19:14:57 UTC

I haven't seen anything on this list yet about firmware versions >0.8.3.

On the Zcomax site, they have a firmware upgrade they're calling 1.3.4.

I downloaded it; it unzips to an .exe file which I then ran.

No matter which of several versions of the driver I had installed on the card, I always got failure with the same error, something along the lines of "Your WLAN driver does not support this version of WinFlash"

That leads me to two questions:

  1. Does anyone know what's up with that firmware? I haven't seen any mention on the list of that version of firmware.
  2. Could someone provide pointers to the means one would use to flash up to 0.8.3 using utilities from other manufacturers? Would I have to install the full set of their drivers and utilities, or could such be done leaving the existing Zcomax s/w on the box doing the flashing?

I only use Windows when I have to, so I'm always suspicious that my problems are of my own making, even though it behaves like an OS conceived in Hades.



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